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King's German Legion during the Napoleonic wars
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Through the ages...

"British ?" -- "No, Hannoveraner !"

And yet, somewhat British, because our beloved Guelph-Elector of Hannover (engl.: Hanover), George III., is at the same time King of England. In 1714, the British crown fell to Hanover's "Welfen", the Guelphic family. The united rule will last until 1837, but we would not know that, yet.

Welcome to the age of the Napoleonic wars! - The European continent is in flames: From Sicily to Copenhagen and from Lisbon to Moscow huge armies are marching through the countries like swarms of locusts. Populations become impoverished, economies fall to ruins. Spirited by the high ideals of its revolution, France rests like an unbearable burden on Europe and remoulds the continent with a heavy hand.

We Hanoverians are in the middle of all this. Fled from our home, the electorate of Hanover, which has been devoured by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803. Many men have escaped from being drafted to fight for the despised tricolor and from suffering daily harassments by the occupants. Despite French lures or threats they made their way to England where a dominantly Hanoverian corps of all arms is being put together, the "King's German Legion".We find ourselves in the fifth out of eight line battalions.

You are cordially invited to accompany our struggle against the mighty Emperor of France, whether as a spectator or even as a participant.

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  5th linie battalion
Battle re-enactment Göhrde 1813 - 2011

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